Littlefork-Big Falls Position Available


Work Hours 6:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.

Year round full time position – Monday through Friday

Benefits and Salary. Salary is 90% of pay according to the contract.





  1. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  2. Ability to follow directions with attention to details
  3. Ability to climb 20-30 feet
  4. Ability to lift 75 pounds minimum
  5. Able to operate district-owned machinery – (i.e. lawn mower, tractor – front-end loader, scissor lift, scrubber – walk behind and rider)
  6. Obtain boiler license within 6 months
  7. Basic maintenance and repair skills
  8. Good interpersonal skills and ability to be a team player
  9. Flexible work schedule (i.e. building checks, activities, etc.)
  10. 10.Shoveling and sweeping required (i.e. winter months and during extracurricular events)
  11. 11.Minnesota Driver’s License
  12. 12.High School Diploma or Equivalent
  13. 13.Medical Physical is required


  1. Eye washes
  2. Fire Extinguishers
  3. Exit Lights
  4. Emergency Lights
  5. Playground Safety
  6. Underground Storage Tank and Pump
  7. Boiler Safe Valves
  8. High School Hot Water Safe Valves
  9. Elementary Hot Water Safe Valve
  10. 10.Boiler Room Kill Switches for Boilers
  11. 11.Test High Temp and Limit Controls




  1. Within Four years, you have to get your First Class Engineer Grade-C License for Boiler
  2. Weekly – test low water cut-out
  3. Weekly – in winter, check propane tank. Call in for propane
  4. Propane tank area kept clean and inspect for potential problems
  5. Open up boiler and clean in Summer


  1. Change Electric Motors
  2. Grease Air Handler
  3. Check Belts
  4. Inspect for potential problems
  5. Change Thermostats
  6. Change Diaphragms
  7. Change Fusible Links
  8. Filters in Air Handlers
  9. Air Compressor – check oil and filter monthly and change when needed
  10. 10.Fix air leaks in classroom heaters


  1. Fix Door Handles
  2. Door closers
  3. Electric Door Holders
  4. Fix Lockers
  5. Change smoke and heat detectors when needed
  6. Work on Toilets, Urinals, and Sinks when needed
  7. Electrical – change outlets, switches, and electric motors when needed
  8. Work on Playground Equipment when needed
  9. Repair Desks, Chairs, and Tables
  10. 10.Ceiling Tiles and Floor Tiles replaced as needed
  11. 11.Vacuums and Auto Scrubbers repaired as needed
  12. 12.Do Fire Drills – Five a year
  13. 13.General cleaning of K-12 Facility
  14. 14.Clean up after sick and injured students (i.e. vomit, blood, etc.)
  15. 15.Haul tables and chairs for special occasions
  16. 16.Unplug toilets, urinals, and sinks
  17. 17.Replace lights, bulbs, and light tubes
  18. 18.Haul paper to offices
  19. 19.Help Custodian and Custodian Aides as needed
  20. 20.Replace classroom filters when dirty and oil motors as needed
  21. 21.Vacuum or sweep all classrooms and empty trash cans
  22. 22.Clean boys and girls locker rooms and boys and girls bathrooms. Check all toilet paper dispensers and sanitary bags. Clean toilets and sinks. Wipe mirrors and windows. Mop all floors. Clean water fountains.
  23. 23.Clean windows, doors, walls, lockers, desks, chairs, and tables.
  24. 24.Pull out bleachers or chairs for games, pep fests, dances, plays, concerts, banquets, graduations, etc.
  25. 25.Sweep gym floors and hallways
  26. 26.Put scoreboard table out for games
  27. 27.Auto-scrub hallways
  28. 28.Deliver packages from boiler room office to where it needs to go
  29. 29.Wash and dry towels and dust mop heads



  1. Pick up trash outside school
  2. Rake lawn where needed
  3. Prune trees and cut down trees where needed
  4. Put out trash cans for baseball, softball, and football games
  5. Trim grass
  6. Mow lawn
  7. Get lawn tractor ready for Fall and Spring
  8. Clean roof drains Fall and Spring
  9. Put up fence for softball at City Park



  • All other duties as assigned





 If interested, please fill out the application that is on our website at:

The position is open until filled. EOE.

Mail application to, Superintendent Jamie Wendt, 700 Main Street, Littlefork MN 56653.

Applications must be received by noon on July 6, 2020.

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