School Update COVID-19

School Update COVID-19

This page will have the latest information on the Covid19 Corona Virus and ISD362 L-BF communications about the pandemic outbreak as it relates to school operations.

2020-2021 Updates

July 30, 2020

L-BF Students and Families,

The long awaited news is out! Here at L-BF, we are relieved that the guidance is localized based on local data and not a statewide blanket. We have received State guidelines on when to transition from in person learning, to hybrid, to distance learning based on new infection rates in our county and in our school building.

In order to create consistency and stability for our students, staff, and families as well as protect their health and safety, our in-person and hybrid models look very similar with only small modifications between the two. We are happy to announce that after working with the consulting company, we are able to have all students in Pre-K through 12th grade in the building every day in both the in person and hybrid plans. We are fortunate enough to have the space in our building to accommodate all of the students that are currently enrolled with adequate social distancing capability. We have made scheduling changes to accommodate social distancing and reducing the number of students transitioning at the same time to reduce congestion in shared spaces.

If we need to switch to distance learning during the school year, we are working to streamline our approach. While teachers may use other learning websites and tools in their distance learning curriculum, Schoology will be the distance learning platform for all grades K-12. This way students can check in daily in one place to get their assignments. Schoology also has a parent account option so parents can log in and stay up to date with their child’s progress. Under distance learning, childcare for emergency workers and food service will be managed in a similar way to last Spring, should we need to go that route.

Bus transportation will still be available but will likely have more strict rules in order to accommodate social distancing guidelines as provided by the State.

Stay tuned as details are released! Our plans our well on their way, but we still have some adjustments to make as we take in new information the State has provided today.

We would love to hear from our students, families, and community members regarding school reopening. There is a survey available now at  Please fill this out as soon as possible so we can do our best to accommodate the concerns of our students and families as we work to finalize our plans.  

Before school starts, we plan to publish a “Back to School” video or possibly series of videos showing what school may look like at L-BF this year under the changes.

As always, parents have the final say in their child’s health and safety. If you do not want to send your child to school, please contact me via email or at 218-278-6614 ext. 210 so that arrangements can be made for distance learning only.

Finally, I ask for the help our entire Koochiching County community to do their part in keeping new infection rates down. The lower we keep the rate, the less likely we have to implement distance learning across the board. Please follow CDC guidance and keep social distancing and washing your hands to keep the rates low. We want to keep regulations at a level where parents, students, and families continue to have a choice in the way their education is delivered.

Thank you again to all of our wonderful families and students for the patience you have shown as we all await new guidance and then as we work to implement them.



Jamie Wendt


July 24, 2020


L-BF Students and Families,

The countdown to the first day of school continues and staff continue to plan for the 2020-2021 school year. This week continued to include meetings and webinars projecting what the start of school could look like, and many ideas for modifications to comply with social distancing and sanitizing guidelines. Planning for all avenues are making great progress.

A consulting company was brought to the school to measure our capacities for students with new spacing guidelines, and we received encouraging feedback thus far. The consultants will be meeting with Staff next week to discuss where we are doing well and where adjustments will need to be made. The meeting will include staff training on what is expected to be allowable regarding student interactions, materials in the classrooms, and many other considerations.

Just like all of you, we anxiously await Governor Walz’s announcement which is expected to occur on July 30th. After we have received this direction from the Governor, we plan to solicit parent and student feedback. Then we will do our best to quickly finalize and publicize our reopening plans.

We want to assure all of our students, families, and community members that every staff member at L-BF is dedicated to being creative in providing quality education, connecting with students, providing ways for students to connect with each other, and maintaining overall student well-being no matter what comes our way this fall.

Thank you again for your patience through this journey!



Jamie Wendt


July 17, 2020

L-BF Students and Families,

Going back to school next fall seems to be on everyone’s minds. It is certainly everywhere you look in the media. It has been on the minds of educators across the Nation since the close of last school year. We made it through last year and have all been wondering, “What’s next?”

Today, we are just 9 weeks from the first day of 2020-2021 and we still aren’t sure what the first day of school will look like. However, we do have some guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education regarding three possible plans.

Click here to see a document from MDE describing what school may look like under each plan. Sometime during the week of July 27th, Governor Walz is expected to announce which plan Minnesota schools are to begin the year with. As the pandemic evolves, schools may be expected to use each plan as the situation changes.

L-BF staff have already begun the planning process. We have had two staff meetings this week and have consultants coming to our building in the coming weeks for a building analysis to make recommendations for adjustments that can be made to accommodate social distancing guidelines, and train staff on best procedures to be following the guidance from state officials. Rest assured, L-BF staff are committed to providing quality education for our students no matter what this pandemic brings.

Stay tuned as the weeks progress and we will continue to update the L-BF community via our Facebook page and school website as plans are completed.

We are in this together, and our students are our #1 priority through it all.

Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these changes.

Stay safe and continue to enjoy your summer!



Jamie Wendt

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