4th Grade: Author Biography Project
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4th Grade - AUTHORS

• Read at least one book by this author

• Look up information about this author using (at least one PRINT resource must be used!):
1. your iPad    
2. encyclopedias
3. biographies/nonfiction and/or reference
4. magazines
5. newspapers
6. computer
7. vertical file

• Information to include (project worth 40 points total):
1. pictures (5 points) 
2. personal facts (birthdate, death, place, etc.) - (10 points)
3. genre(s) this author writes about - (5 pts.)
4. books by this author (5 pts.)
5. sources (citations) - (5 pts.)
6. your name(s)

Present your findings in a display (10 pts.) created in the 'Pic Collage' app on your iPad.  Save display on iPad and print out copy to color printer in Media Center (if possible).