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Why Should I Learn Accounting?


Why Should I Learn Accounting?

Every year students ask me whether they should take accounting.

Of course, for me, that's an open door ...

Despite what Hollywood portrays, the image of a boring, detail-oriented person doing tedious tasks is not the every-day life of an accountant. Not every student is interested in pursuing a career in accounting, but everyone should have a sound understanding of accounting principles because it is so important in so many ways!

In today's global and fast paced economy every individual should have some education or training in the area of accounting. With credit, personal finance, investment, taxes, and annuities no one can simply put their money in the bank and rest on it. An informed person is a financially stable person.

High school accounting introduces students to accounting principles in business, but also allows them to begin to think about their personal finances. Students with basic bookkeeping background are also more marketable and competitive when it comes to employment.