Internet/Desktop Publishing
What is Internet/Desktop Publishing?

Image taken at 2010 Homecoming Festivities
In today's world of computer technology there isn't a graduating student that hasn't used all of the Microsoft Office tools. But, what about graphic design elements, most importantly the yearbook?

I/D students are the designers and creators of the long-standing tradition of "The Viking". Littlefork-Big Falls School Yearbook has changed over the years and the 2011 yearbook will be the first-ever all color yearbook with a DVD supplement with audio/visual effects that will wow any student!

Long hours of photographs, Photoshop, and lots of pizza, these students create and produce outstanding yearbooks, year after year. Their visual perspectives, their expertise with color, and their determination to do the best job possible for their classmates make the I/D students a step above the rest. They are dedicated, hardworking, and skillful!

If you're using this website, then you're also witnessing the skills that the I/D students learn at the end of the year when the yearbook has been completed. The sports pages, webmasters, and many others have all been created by I/D webmasters!